Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aron's 30th Birthday

Photos from Arons 30th birthday.


  1. Glad to see him so happy! I hope he continues to improve :)

  2. Happy Birthday Aron! I continue to pray for you and your family. Your friends and students at Griffith Middle School miss you very much.

  3. How great is that! He's so happy to have you all there! His best buds!

  4. Today we went to visit Aron at the new location:
    Country Villa Belmont
    1730 Grand Ave. Long Beach CA,
    Visiting Time Mon-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm

    It was really nice to see his improvement and positive spirit.
    Now that your closer we can visit more often.
    Philippians 2:4 “As you look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

    See you soon,
    Nathan & Loyda

  5. Aron, its been many years; you always have a special place in my heart buddy. You are the best... you look fantastic and my prayer is for your continued healing.

    Blessings always,

    Wayne DeCosa